Becoming Rookie of the Year in a competitive real estate brokerage is no easy feat. In this exclusive interview, Krishon Harris, an award-winning real estate agent from Kansas City, shares his secrets to success, marketing strategies, and valuable insights into the real estate industry.

Krishon Harris started his real estate journey in April 2021, after working as a manager at McDonald’s for five years. With a desire for change and a chance to work for himself, he made the leap into real estate, following in his grandmother’s footsteps. In just two years, he became Rookie of the Year in a brokerage with 120-130 agents, including some of the top real estate agents in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Building a Sphere of Influence

One of the biggest challenges for new real estate agents is building a sphere of influence. Krishon credits his grandmother’s guidance and mentorship in helping him build his network. He also emphasizes the importance of consistently following up with past leads, clients, and referral partners, dedicating 30 minutes to an hour each day to this task.

To further grow his sphere, Krishon held a holiday party for past clients and referral partners, inviting them to bring friends and family. This event not only strengthened relationships but also led to a referral.

Mastering Real Estate Marketing

Krishon is active on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. He plans out his content, engages with his audience, and follows up with potential clients. He also leverages partnerships with local organizations and events to expand his reach.

Krishon recommends using storytelling in marketing, sharing insights into the real estate market, and answering common questions from clients. This approach has helped him stand out and build trust with his audience.

Tech-Savvy Agent

As a tech-savvy agent, Krishon uses various tools to streamline his marketing efforts. He utilizes apps like CapCut for video editing and Captions App for adding subtitles to his videos. By leveraging technology, Krishon is able to create and share engaging content across platforms with ease.

Insights into the Real Estate Market

When asked about his predictions for the real estate market in the Midwest, Krishon believes that interest rates will rise, which may lead to a slight slowdown in the market. He emphasizes the importance of staying educated on market trends and working closely with mentors and brokers to make informed decisions.

Advice for Part-Time Agents

For part-time agents, Krishon advises making a full-time effort in prospecting and marketing. By dedicating consistent time to these tasks, part-time agents can still achieve success in the real estate industry.

Finding Balance

In his downtime, Krishon enjoys skating, listening to music, and exploring the city with friends. Finding balance is crucial for long-term success in any industry, including real estate.

Krishon Harris’s journey from a McDonald’s manager to a Real Estate Rookie of the Year serves as an inspiration for new agents and those looking to break into the industry. By sharing his secrets to success, marketing strategies, and insights into the real estate market, he offers valuable advice for anyone looking to thrive in the competitive world of real estate.