Welcome back to another edition of Modern Marketing’s Realtor Recap! We’re your reliable source for all the must-know social media and real estate marketing trends. Today, we’re unraveling key updates from Meta, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube that could dramatically reshape your online real estate marketing strategy.

First on our list is a critical development: Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has sold its interest in Giphy to Shutterstock. This significant shift could change your approach to using GIFs in your real estate marketing content. Has the reign of popular GIFs – often viewed as “for Boomers and cringe” – finally ended?

We also take a closer look at how Meta and LinkedIn have deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor personalized feeds, a potentially game-changing feature for real estate content creators and users alike. Ever wondered how AI could introduce content from people you aren’t following into your feed? This is a discussion you won’t want to miss.

Our spotlight this week also falls on Instagram’s new feature, Anthems. These are collections of trending audios that Instagram encourages users to incorporate into their stories and reels. Understand how to use Anthems to amplify your real estate marketing, but remember, high-quality content remains the linchpin of any strategy.

We further delve into the rise of ‘edutainment’ – an ingenious combination of education and entertainment in content creation. As AI systems like ChatGPT and Google’s Bear proliferate, user content preferences are undergoing a transformation. Discover how to strike the right balance in your content strategy.

Lastly, YouTube has broadened its Community post feature to all users, a tool formerly limited to those with over a thousand subscribers. Unearth how this key update can help you foster better engagement with your YouTube followers.

Exciting news is coming your way! If you’re a real estate professional grappling with video editing, we’ve got a surprise in store. Be sure to stay tuned.

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