If you’re a real estate agent looking to boost your video marketing game, here are three video types you should start producing this month – plus a bonus one!

Introduction or Reintroduction Video

The first video every realtor should consider is an introduction or reintroduction video. This isn’t just for new agents! Even if you’ve been in the business for a while, it’s important to remind people who you are and what you do regularly. It’s suggested to release these videos once a month. Why? Because the reach on social media is typically lower than you might expect. If you’ve got a thousand followers, perhaps only a hundred might see that video on a good day. By consistently reintroducing yourself, you ensure that your network remembers you when they need real estate services.

But what should you include in this video? Short, sweet, and engaging is the way to go. Mention who you are, what you do, and throw in a fun or intriguing fact about yourself. It’s also suggested to present these videos in various formats across different platforms, like posts, reels, or stories, for maximum reach.

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The Dangers of Waiving an Inspection

Next on the list is a video on the potential dangers of waiving an inspection. In the current housing market, it’s common for buyers to waive inspections in an attempt to make their offer more attractive. However, this comes with substantial risks that potential buyers might not be aware of.

As a realtor, you can share important insights about the dangers of this practice. Highlight how waiving inspections can lead to unseen issues, unexpected costs, and difficulties with insurance claims. Such a video is not only informative but also positions you as an expert who cares about their clients’ best interests.

Market Updates

The third crucial video type is market updates. Here, you’ve got a chance to bring truthful, factual information to your clients and counter any misconceptions they might be getting from mainstream news.

However, bombarding your viewers with all the stats from the MLS could overwhelm them. Instead, pick out two or three significant stats, explain them in layman’s terms, and most importantly, explain why they should care. Break down how these trends impact local economy, home values, and equity.

Bonus Video: Home Walk-Throughs

Now, for the bonus idea! Home walk-through videos are increasingly popular. However, it’s crucial to make yours stand out from the crowd. Instead of just showcasing the property, try starting your videos off differently with a hook that grabs attention.

Perhaps begin with a surprising feature of the house, or a piece of history that sets it apart. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Remember, this is as much a branding opportunity for you as it is a chance to showcase the property.

Wrapping it all up, these are the three essential videos (plus a bonus one) that every realtor should consider making. Remember, in the end, the goal is to add value, be informative, and establish trust with your potential clients. Start filming today and elevate your real estate game to new heights!